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The Millennium Group, LLC  (“MBLLC”) from the United States went to Nigeria to commence studies on the possibility of developing irrigation.  MBLLC has been developing irrigation since 1972.  Some of the first locations after  the United States were Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Morocco  and UAE.

For  18 years AWAA has been doing development of mechanized farming with Center Pivot Irrigation. 

Nigeria was designated as the base for the operation with the financial and political structure stable and economically viable. The infrastructure for transportation by land, sea or air is in place and operating at higher levels every year. The export potential for processed goods from Nigeria to other African countries, Europe, India and Asian Countries is tremendous.


AWAA assists Companies to develop mechanized agriculture in Nigeria.   Utilizing Center PIvot irrigation Systems many areas not once dreamed of can be farmed year round.   

AWAA combines years of experience and modern techiques to develop economical farms with profibility in mind.    From development, production to processing AWAA is the primeir Ag Development Compnay in Nigiera. 

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