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WM started over 23 years ago preparing a project with diversity in not only location but in production.   With the varying climate and ground conditions West  Africa has the ability to raise a variety of crops. The projects have been structured to have various crop projection centers for the following crops:

AWAA specializes in Sugar Cane, Rice,  Peanuts, Soybeans, Corn, Vegetables,  Livestock

Processing centers are being developed for these crops as the Clients desire. 


The weather allows for farming year round with proper irrigation. West Africa has ample water supplies and annual rainfall to ensure recharge of the aquifers.

Nigeria was designated as the base for the operation with the  financial and political structure stable and economically viable. The infrastructure for transportation by land, sea or air is in place and operating at higher levels every year. 

The export potential for processed goods from Nigeria to other African countries, Europe, India and Asian Countries is tremendous.

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